CTLCreate - Application Control File Creator

CTLCREATE is a tool I wrote to simplify putting a voice application into production. Any DirectTalk application that will be run in production requires a control file. This control file defines the environment the application runs in by initializing all variables found in the control file to the specified values in the file.

Usually, you will want to run your application on more than single phone line. While multiple copies of the same application running on different phone lines can all share a single, common control file, there are several reasons while you may not want to do this:

Using a single control file, DirectTalk will use any available phone line. There is no way to specify a specific line to use.
Your application may need special control variables set to different values for each line. Specifying a specific host session to use is a typical situation where this occurs.

Up to now, creating multiple control files was a manual (and tedious) effort. With CTLCREAT, you create however many control files you need  using a template control file. You specify the range of lines you want to run on and CTLCREATE will automatically change the value for the voice_line system variable. In addition, CTLCREAT can:

automatically increment the value of other variables in the control file
allow you to change the value of other variables
add additional or drop unneeded variables

Lastly, CTLCREAT can even create a new Session Monitor configuration file to allow you to quickly put a new application into production.

Click here for more information on CTLCREAT.

Download the version for OS/2. (29,235 bytes)

Download the version for Windows. (9,828 bytes)


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