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Though the information shown here refers to DirectTalk for Windows, it is applicable to the OS/2 version as well.

EXPORT is a DirectTalk/NT user client that will export the contents of any DirectTalk/NT database to an ASCII flat file. This ASCII flat file can be viewed with any editor or used by many other programs.

The ASCII file created by DirectTalk/NT can be used to turn around and load a DirectTalk/NT database using the Load feature in the Development Work Area or the author's DTIMPORT program. You can select whether to export database keys, records, or both. Output data can be appended to an existing file or overwrite the file as requested. Only the database records are exported unless the /K or /B option is used to export keys. See below for a full description of EXPORT options.

The minimum invokation for EXPORT is as follows:

EXPORT /I=database < options >

/I=database -- /I identifies the name of the database to export.
< options > -- are any other options. See below.

Options may be specified in any order. Do not put any spaces between the option, equal sign, and following data. (For example, /I=database is acceptable, /I = database is not.)

The following are all of the options supported by EXPORT:

/I=database name -- Required input. This is the name of the database to be exported by EXPORT. Do not specify a path. EXPORT will determine where the databases are located.

/O=output file -- Optional input. Output name is the name of the ASCII flat file EXPORT will write to. To write a file in another directory, put the full path name here. If /O is not specified, EXPORT will export to EXPORT$$.LOG.

/P=pause time -- Optional input. Pause time is the time that EXPORT should perform the actual export process. Format is HHMMSS where HH is hours (24 hour format), MM is minutes, and SS is seconds. Program will pause until the time specified before beginning the actual database export.

/S=server name -- Optional input. Server name is the name of the DirectTalk/NT node the EXPORT will use. Default is GSSSN01.

/D -- Clear and reset the DirectTalk/NT database file. All records are deleted. Optional input.

/W -- Overwrites the ASCII output file, if it exists. Any existing data in this file is lost! Optional input.

/B -- Export both the keys and data records. Each output data record will have the key in column 1. The record data will be concatenated to the end of the key. Do not use with /K. Optional input.

/K -- Export the keys only. No data records are written to the output file. Optional input. Do not use with /B.

/N -- Suppress all output to the display. No messages of any type (including errors) are displayed. Optional input.

/H -- displays this help information. Any other parameters or options are ignored.

Options may be entered in upper or lower case. There must be at least one blank between each switch ie. /n /d is correct. /n/d is not.

EXPORT must be kept and run in the directory where DirectTalk/NT is installed.

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