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For those of you who don't know me, I worked with DirectTalk on the OS/2 and Windows platform since the inception of the product (1991).

One of the key features of the WebSphere Voice Response products is a clearly architected and open interface. During my time with WVR, I have had occasion to write a number of tools which extend the functionality of the product or make it easier to use and manage. Hopefully, these tools will make also your life with WVR a little easier. 

Which products do these tools work on?

These tools will work with any of the following products:

WebSphere Voice Response for Windows (This is actually the same product as DirectTalk for Windows.)
DirectTalk/2 (OS/2 Warp)
DirectTalk for Windows (Windows NT Version 4 and Windows 2000)
Corepoint Voice Response for OS/2 (This is actually the same product as DirectTalk/2.)
Corepoint Voice Response for Windows (This is actually the same product as DirectTalk for Windows.)
Syntellect VocalPoint for OS/2 (This is actually the same product as DirectTalk/2. Syntellect purchased it from IBM under an OEM agreement.)

Please note these tools will not work on any version of DirectTalk for AIX or DirectTalk/2 Version 1.x.

Licensing and Support

You should be aware that these tools are not a formal part of the DirectTalk or WebSphere Voice Response programs and are not supported by IBM. The tools are provided on an "AS-IS" BASIS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NO INFRINGEMENTS WHICH ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED.

In plain english, the above says "If any of these tools do not work for you, IBM is under no obligation to fix them." I would still like to hear about problems you may have had. Sometimes, I am able to make a fix and provide a workaround.  So, if you have any questions on any of these tools and wish to report a problem, please drop a note to me at


Nearly all of the tools are provided as ZIP files. Therefore, you will need some sort of unzip tool for either OS/2 or Windows. Unzip the tool into a temporary directory. There will a README text file with the installation instructions or see the pages here. (Most tools merely need to be copied in the same directory as where WebSphere Voice Response is installed.) The only tool with a true installation program is the Database Editor for Windows.

Please note that these tools were written when WebSphere Voice Response for Windows was called DirectTalk for Windows so all documentation will say "DirectTalk" instead of "Websphere Voice Response". I'm too lazy to change every bit of code, documentation, and web page  just to reflect the new, current name of the product. Fear not! They will work fine with your WVR system which probably still says "DirectTalk", too!

Where's the code?

Pick a category of tool you are interested in:

  1. Tools to use with WebSphere Voice Response Databases
  2. Tools to import and export voice data
  3. Tools to create and manage application control files
  4. User Actions
  5. Sample Applications


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